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Himalayan Chenrezig Incense

5 Ratings

Size of incense: 8"
Weight: 55 grams
No. of incense stick: 30

5 Pieces Packet.

$ 25

About the Product


Herbal Incense: Importance of Burning Incense

For hundreds of years the burning of incense has been popular across various cultures and religions of the globe. Unraveling the history of spiritual and healing traditions of this sacred practice reveals the importance of incense to promote mindfulness peace inner-awareness and a profound connection with the universe. Today the healing benefits that burning incense provides to the brain and overall bodily health is a popular topic in alternative medicine.

List of Health Benifits with burning Incense





Hundreds of years ago the aromatic resins of myrrh and frankincense were considered far more valuable than gold or silver and they were precious currency even gifted to the newborn baby Jesus. In ancient Egyptian culture frankincense was regarded as a perfume a bug repellent a remedy to heal wounds and most importantly a spiritual offering for the gods.

For thousands of years Zen Buddhists and monks alongside Hindus and other religions across Asia regarded incense burning an essential ritual for meditation spiritual ascension and healing. When ancient Roman and Greek civilizations discovered the Silk trade route they began importing incense to burn during their religious ceremonies cremation events and worship rituals.

Native Americans also celebrated the benefits of burning herbs and incense particularly sage to cleanse their souls free of impurities along with driving away impurities from their house and worship places. Burning incense with essential oils has been an ancient therapeutic ritual that has been revived by Buddhists yogis and other spiritual traditions around the world in modern times.

Boost Focus an Concentration
Most people believe that burning incense is a yogic ritual but the truth is that it promotes mindfulness and concentration so you can burn it whenever you feel the need to be fully aware. For instance while you are work studying doing yoga or anything else incense can help you concentrate.

Buddhist monks realized this advantage of burning incense thousands of years ago and they used it to purify their atmosphere clear up their thoughts and concentrate on meditation. Their traditions reveal that jewelry designers artisans and other handcrafters would also burn incense to boost their focus.

The pleasant fragrance of incense stimulates the mind and gets your creative juices flowing so you can feel inspired to imagine and identify the beauty around you. Incense boosts creativity and its botanical aroma calms the mind & invites peace so the imagination can run wild and free without any anxieties stressing out your brain.

For centuries spiritual gurus and religious teachers have advocated the use of incense to purify the environment the mind and the soul. Modern science reveals that the smoke of incense is filled with potent fungicidal insecticidal and antibacterial powers which keeps your environment free of pollutants.
Combining incense with essential oils is a great remedy to eliminate negativities feel more positive motivate yourself and drive out all impurities from your soul and surroundings. Remember a clean and pure environment is the most beneficial strategy to keep the mind energetic and the body healthy.


Some research suggests that burning incense particularly frankincense which is obtained from the Boswellia plant stimulates the less understood ionic pathways within the brain which aid in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Ancient therapeutic and healing rituals have advised the use of incense to drive away feelings of despair depressive thoughts negative emotions and anxieties that gnaw at the brainÂ’s peace.

It will allow you to feel light-hearted and positive by driving out the negative thoughts and replacing them with calmness and a mindful attitude to give your absolute best to yourself.

Whether you are performing yoga or doing meditation anxious and stressful thoughts are the greatest challenge in your quest to find peace and serenity. Burning incense has always been a ritual for meditation and yoga and this is primarily because of its ability to stimulate the brain with a sense of calm.

The aroma of incense smoke is capable of reducing heart rates and soothing the nerve pathways within the brain to make you feel completely relaxed and at peace. It is a great idea to burn incense while taking a luxurious hot bath or a massage so your muscles can relax and get rid of all that tension.

Our ability to smell opens up a pathway that directly leads to the brain and when the aroma released by incense smoke reaches the brain it stimulates the Limbic system. This fragrance stimulates the production of various essential brain chemicals that are associated with the feelings of calmness happiness and bliss.

When you burn incense its aroma aids in opening up the nasal passages a great remedy for flu allowing you to feel relaxed and happy by naturally reducing your blood pressure. It promotes a strong sense of mindfulness that allows you to be more aware of yourself and appreciative of everything around you.

People who struggle with symptoms of insomnia or struggle falling asleep can benefit from the therapeutic calmness of burning incense. It is incredibly beneficial for inducing drowsiness and it is widely considered an ancient treatment for dealing with insomnia and sleep disorders.

Incense contains a powerful variety of plants and various different parts of herbs that boost potent chemicals nutrients and naturally-occurring compounds to stimulate the mind and trigger the production of therapeutic brain chemicals and happy hormones.

Incense is the perfect remedy to clear your mind and begin your meditative practice and yoga session with a clear and focused mind. Allow it to make you feel more mindful and connected with your spiritual self even when youÂ’re baking some cookies doing your work or sitting down for dinner with your family. It is an essential ancient remedy to purify your environment your house your thoughts and your soul.


Brand Glass Pipe Nepal
Color Gold
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